Wosene Scott
Wosene Scott
7 years ago

Learning the alphabet

How important is learning the fidel? Quite important.
The Amharic script is derived from a Semitic language and script called Ge’ez. Ge'ez is not pronounced Jeez but with a hard “G” Ge’ez. Amharic like Ge'ez does not use an alphabet but rather an alphasyllabary called Abugida. The name Abugida represents the device it describes: ä bu gi da in other words the “a b c’s” of the language. An alphasyllabary contains a segmental writing system which places vowels together with consonants. For instance, instead of having a stand alone consonant b, you would have: ba bi bo bu etc… each as an alphasyllabary. So yeah there are a lot of them….

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